Mobile apps for everyone with Concapps!

Concapps, it's in the name... concepts for mobile apps.
With our innovative app management platform we are able to easily create, generate and maintain mobile apps based on a template or concept in a very short time.
Concapps builds mobile apps according to the customers needs and wishes using standard building blocks and standard options. Due to the number of available building blocks and the adjustments that can be made to the look & feel of the app, Concapps can always build a unique app. By creating partnerships with a number of different suppliers, we are continuously expanding and improving our apps.

Now Concapps is active in many branches. We specialise in fitness, swimming and recruitment. But with Business Apps we are also able to provide any other company with a custom made app.

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To be able to realise this, Concapps has developed it's own App Management Platform. With this platform we are able to deliver mobile apps at a high pace!

Our App Management Platform consist of 4 parts:

App Management Platform

Why based on templates?

When developing our platform we have always had the idea that companies don't want to put together an entire app by themselves or have it developed especially for them. Branche or other templates can be made to fit their needs. When working with a "template" app, you are able to use "the best of all worlds". You can add branch related content like fitness exercises, a list of hairstyles, or bar games. You can then add various content items like news, an agenda, or information about your company, which you can fill with contect through our CMS. With our App Builder we are able to style the app in many different ways, to maintain the look & feel of your company. This way entrepeneurs can quickly and easily define how their app should look, based on a template. In the end, no one wants to reinvent the wheel.